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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Your shirts are beautiful, how long does it take to get one?

Answer: Because every shirt is custom made, it takes a little while for each order to be filled -- right now, about ten days from order to delivery. See the reservation page for our latest schedule. If you pay by credit card, your card will be charged when your shirt is shipped.

Question: I'd like to buy several shirts, how can I be sure they will fit?

Answer: If you order several shirts, please tell me which one you'd like first -- I'll make it first, and make the others after you've received the first one. Of course, every Island Shirt is guaranteed.

Question: I'd like to order, but I'm worried about putting my information on the Internet. What should I do?

Answer: Relax. Island Shirts was started as an online business, and our internet service provider uses several technologies to protect your information. The Island Shirts website is secured with SSL so your information is encrypted on the net, and so that you know who you are dealing with when ordering on-line.

If you're still worried, visit Visa and MasterCard on-line and read what they have to say about E-Commerce. Many banks will even cover 100% of a transaction in case of on-line fraud (normally you are liable for the first $50).

We take privacy and security seriously: click here for more information.

Question: I'm an unusual size, can you make a shirt to fit me?

Answer: Of course. The best way is to send your measurements, or send a shirt that fits well and I'll measure it. I keep all custom measurements on file for future orders. For measuring instructions, see our measurement page.

Question: Can I get a catalog?

Answer: Because my fabrics are constantly changing I don't have a catalog -- the web pages can be updated quickly and easily, but printed catalogs last a long time.

Question: Is there an extra charge for special orders?

Answer: Every order is special. There is no extra charge.

Question: How much are your shirts?

Answer: Each shirt is $95. That is about $10 more than one major manufacturer's top-of-the line off-the-rack shirts, and less than you'd pay at many specialty stores.

Question: I enjoyed the factory tour, how many people really work there?

Answer: Just one -- the factory tour page really does show the whole factory. I make every shirt myself -- one at a time.

Question: Where is your store?

Answer: Right here on the world wide web.

Question: Why don't you have more pictures of finished shirts on people?

Answer: I only stock fabrics, not finished shirts. It's easy to take pictures of a rack full of shirts on a model, harder to get a model when a custom shirt is finished. If you'd like to help, send a photo!

Question: Where is the answer to my question?

Answer: I really enjoy hearing from all of you. Click here and fill out the contact form -- I usually answer all questions within 24 hours.

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