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I just wanted to let you know that Al loved his shirt and so did everyone else. It was such a big hit that everyone was talking about it. In fact, Al started a new company tradition where "the shirt" makes a guest appearance on a different employee every Friday. The week after Al wore the shirt it appeared on an editor as a fun surprise to everyone. Now, we've developed rules where the employee that passes on the shirt must clean it and then give it to someone outside their department (to ensure everyone gets a shot at wearing the shirt). The new recipient of the shirt must keep it a secret until Friday when they appear at working wearing the shirt. It's kind of like a real honor to get to wear the shirt and it's a fun game for others to see who gets to wear it each week.

So, thank you so much. The quality and craftsmanship are superb. The colors are so beautiful! We ALL love it!

Mahalo and Aloha!

Marie K., California

I received the shirt yesterday and I can't tell you how satisfied I am with it. The fabric is just what I thought it would be and the craftmanship of the details of the shirt itself are nothing short of fantastic. You did an outstanding job!

Jack K., New Jersey

I have been "collecting" Hawaiian shirts for a number of years now and always had in my mind an image of my favourite print. Something like 30 shirts later - I believe I have found the ideal print!! Your craftsmanship in making it is excellent.

Robert H., Auckland, NZ

Got the shirt today and it is DEAD SOLID PERFECT!!!!! Not to mention the great material and workmanship!

John C., Texas

I LOVE IT! The fit is great, just baggy enough for me and even though it's a little long at 25" (next time I'll go for 23") I have a shirt that will definitely -not- come untucked like all the shirts I've bought off a rack.

Robert P., California

What a great shirt! It cost just a few dollars more than your better off-the-rack brand, but considering the quality of the materials, workmanship, classic pattern and absolutely fantastic personal service, it was will worth the price. I immediately ordered another.

Art R., Texas
I received the shirts on Saturday - and they're lovely - thank you so much for dealing with them so efficiently. I shall sing your praises!

Kevin C. (and Owen), Northampton, UK

Good things are worth waiting for....

Stan B., California

These are actual customer E-Mails, and are used with permission. Originals are on-file at Island Shirts. Check back, we've got more.

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