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Measuring Instructions

Start by selecting your favorite shirt. Aloha Shirts are normally loose-fitting and comfortable, so choose your shirt with this in mind.

We need to take four measurements: Chest, Shoulders, Length and Sleeve.

Lay your shirt on a flat surface and measure as shown below:


This measurement is taken from the side seam on one side to the side seam on the opposite side.

This Men's size Small shirt is 22 1/2"


The shoulder measurement is similar, but measure from the top of the sleeve where the shoulder seam meets the sleeve to the same point on the opposite side.

This and all measurements are made straight, not along the seam.


Now, measure the length from the top of the shirt next to the collar to the bottom of the shirt.


Measure from the top seam to the end of the sleeve.

This is the same point you used when you measured the shoulders.

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